my name is

Chastin J. Miles

and I'm currently accepting new business partners


why partner

with me in real estate?

I've had the opportunity to build my business at many different top real estate brokerages and I'm happy to say that eXp Realty is truly the best opportunity for real estate agents worldwide. The eXp business model is truly built around the success of the agent.

Once I arrived at eXp, I decided to join Team Power Unit. We are an organization within the brokerage that is centered around growth. We are a vast group of brokers, team leaders, mega agents, solo agents, and also brand new agents. I believe that when all of our forces come together, we create greatness.


how I can help you in your business

My mission is to help, share, motivate, and build the best real estate businesses possible. My resources, alongside our organizations, are extensive and our reach is worldwide. We have opportunities available for someone just like you.  

let's have a chat!

Text me at 775-257-6937


Exclusive membership to the private Workplace and Facebook Group



Unlimited Access for anything you need - seriously, I am your business partner


Coaching, mentoring, and all other training at your fingertips when you need it most.


Utilize our state of the art CRM which is ranked in the top of all CRM's in the world..


You will receive our top tier Diamond Level of support when you need it.


Our worldwide referral partner network is an opportunity to receive leads from across the globe.


watch my personal eXp explanation

additional resources you'll receive as a partner

Nationwide referral partnership network access You will be a member of our nationwide referral network where business deals are shared and referred from myself and agents on a daily basis.

Access to our network of business partners We have a network of business partners who have sold billions of dollars worth of real estate and now make hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly in passive income.

Plug & Play business systems Access our private folder of systems and tools that have sold billions of dollars worth of real estate that you can begin using immediately.

Done With You Marketing I help you market your business using digital marketing strategies and online advertising.

Cash-Offer Platform Get more listings by having the ability to make an instant cash offer on homes and close in as little as 10 days.

Platinum Connect Events Access Attend quarterly in-person mastermind events with top agents and brokers from across the world.

Morning Mindset Calls Start your morning off on the right foot with the best mindset to conquer the day.

Priority Lead Program Receive quality leads, handed to you, ready to be helped.

First 90 Days Startup Plan If you're a brand new agent, this will help you break into the business in only 90 days.

Convert More Leads Framework The best strategy to increase your lead conversion rate

Lead Generation Playbook   The essential model for generating high-quality leads on auto-pilot

The Success Formula Master every area in your life with our curated formula of success content

Surefire Goal Setting Sessions Keep your actions aligned with your goals through regular accountability

How To Build A Real Estate Brokerage Business Plan The complete guide for starting and scaling a real estate brokerage

Done For You Contract-To-Close Service Save yourself time and headache by having full-transaction support

Weekly Level 1, 2, & 3 Power Calls Receive coaching based on where you are at and where you want to be.

Become A Real Estate Investor Training Learn how to leverage your income through real estate investing

Prospecting Scripts Toolbox There's a script for everything you need to capture new business.


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Ready To Make The Switch?



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Does this mean I'm joining your team?

I have moved to a modern-team model, which is a better model because it allows allows you to be anywhere in the world and enjoy all of these benefits without any team commission splits, fees, or branding/marketing requirements.

Can I apply as an agent on your real estate team?

I actually decided to step away from the traditional team model and move to the modern team model. This allows me to have worldwide reach and serve more agents and clients rather than only local to the Dallas area.

What if I'm a new agent?

Trust me, I understand what it's like being a new agent. In short yes, partnership is still possible, but it all depends on if it's a good fit for the both of us. To best thing to do is schedule an interview and we can find out if we're a match!

Do I have to be in your local area?

Absolutely not, I have business partners located all around the world

What do you look for in a business partner?

My business partners come from all walks of life and different levels of experience. The best thing to do would be to schedule an interview to see if we'd be a good fit working together.

How can you guarantee my success?

Unfortunately, I can't and that's because your success depends on you. What I can do is provide you with everything you need to become the success you desire but it all comes down to the actions you take.

need more information?

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